Home Asset Management Service

We are offering a new service for our customers. It’s called the Home Asset Management Service. We compare our service to the type of service homeowners receive from a trusted adviser they may use to manage their investment portfolio. Just as you may have a portfolio manager to manage and oversee your investments, we want to provide a similar service, and become the “asset manager” for your home.100_satisfaction_seal

Would you like to have a trusted adviser helping you with your recurring maintenance, repairs, small projects around the home improvement, as well as general remodeling?

One of the most significant problems facing homeowners today is finding reliable workers to take care of normal maintenance and repairs that are a part of home ownership. Most of the time you do not know who to call, and if you get a name and make the call, frequently the person does not show up at the agreed upon time, if at all.

In order to address these homeowners concerns, we are offering our

Home Asset Management Service

Objectives of the service:


  • To provide you, the homeowner, with a trusted and reliable partner for   maintaining and enhancing the value of your home and grounds
  • To assist you in identifying short and long-term needs and desires for maintenance, routine service, repairs, and general remodeling projects.
  • To assist you in developing a vision of how your home will look in the future upon completion of the long-range plan.
  • To develop a comprehensive plan and schedule which will systematically take care of both these short and long-term needs.
  • To eliminate your concerns for scheduling projects, finding reliable workers to perform the tasks, and wondering if the work will be done in a right, in a timely way, and at a fair cost.


To find out more about this unique program, call us at 720 346 7773. We will explain the program in detail, and provide you with a full understanding of what the program can provide you with.


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