GAF Tri-Ply Black Smooth APP-Modified Bitumen

Torch-down Modified Bitumen Membrane

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GAF Tri-Ply 39-1/2 in. x 32-1/4 in. Black Smooth APP-Modified Bitumen Membrane Roll for Low Slopes is a strong, resilient membrane that’s suitable for new or re-roofing projects as well as for use as flashing. This membrane contains a core of non-woven polyester mat that resists splits and tears. The mat is coated with durable APP-modified bitumen and designed for torch-down application by professional roofing contractors.

  • Specially formulated modified bitumen provides lasting performance
  • Polyester core resists splits and tears
  • The installed roof system weighs less than 2 lb. per sq. ft.
  • Torch-down application, recommended for installation by professionals only
  • Ideal for repairs of built-up or SBS-modified bitumen systems
  • Can be used for new or re-roofing projects as well as flashing
  • Note: Product may vary by store.

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