Using sun tunnels in commercial properties

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Using sun tunnels in commercial properties

Skylights have been in use in both domestic and commercial properties for a number of years, but integrating sun tunnels into the roof of a building is a more recent development. Using sun tunnels for lighting commercial premises can bring health benefits by bringing light into the building, environmental benefits by reducing electricity bills through energy efficiency measures, and are cost-effective.

Installed by a professional roofer, sun tunnels are basically tubular pipes fitted from the roof and designed to allow light to flow through into the room below.  Light is provided from the outside of the building through flexible pipes where it may not be possible to install conventional windows.

Sun tunnels can be used in commercial and domestic properties, bringing natural light through roofs and even walls. Warehouses and other industrial buildings are often dark which means that artificial lighting has to be used.  The sun pipes are available in different sizes, and it will depend on the size of the roof and the room below as to which size of sun tunnel you will install.  For smaller installations, they are typically 6 feet long and can be up to 15 feet and made of optic tubes which are durable and waterproof. The flexibility of the pipes means that they can be bent into angles and twisted where necessary without affecting the level of light entering the room. Sun tunnels function effectively in cloudy weather and even in the moonlight can give a nice glow.  Sun tunnels can be integrated with electric lighting for nighttime use (although your roofer may need the services of a suitably qualified electrician to do this).  Inside the room, attractive light diffusers can be used to enhance the interior design.

Sun tunnels provide natural light that is much better for the eyes and can reduce the number of light-related illnesses, such as headaches and migraines.  Lack of light in a building can compromise productivity and have a detrimental effect to health.  As heating and electricity bills continue to rise, companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs. The installation of sun tunnels in the roof can reduce the bill for artificially lighting the premises during the day and also the heating bill.  Sun tunnels are sealed so there is no heat loss through the roof, unlike some skylights, and are environmentally friendly as well as providing health benefits.

Companies have taken advantage of the new technology of using sun tunnels, and the work environment is improved by providing natural light making happier, healthier, and more productive employees.  There are sun tunnels that are specifically designed for commercial applications, but much will depend on the size of the building and the structure of the existing roof as to how much it will cost to have a roofer install a sun tunnel.  In a new building, it is easy to design and install sun tunnels with a little forethought.   Sun tunnels are here to stay, and will undoubtedly be the lighting solution of choice as the market develops.  They are versatile, flexible, and economical – what more could we ask for?  Ask your local roofer for details.

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