What Homeowners Want to Know about Vinyl Siding

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What Homeowners Want to Know about Vinyl Siding

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By: Vinyl Siding Institute

Q: What types of siding materials can I choose from?

A: Among the siding materials available today are vinyl, aluminum, steel and hardboard. Vinyl siding is particularly popular because it adds to the value and beauty of the home, requires minimal upkeep and can be installed over most existing sidewalls. It simulates the appearance of wood, and is the most durable, practical and efficient siding on the market.

Q: What exactly is vinyl siding?

A: Vinyl siding is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a revolutionary building material that has replaced metal as the prime material for many industrial, commercial and consumer products. PVC has many years of successful performance as a construction material, providing impact-resistance, rigidity and strength.

Q: Can the color peel or flake off?

A: No. There is no paint to peel, flake off or blister.

Q: If painting isn’t required, then how do I keep my vinyl siding clean?

A: See the VSI Vinyl Siding Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

Q: Does vinyl siding contribute to rotting, moisture buildup or termite infestation?

A: Vinyl siding will not cause any of these problems, but neither will it cure problems that existed before the siding was installed. Vinyl siding can be applied with assurance that it will not promote rotting, moisture or termite infestation. Indeed, the siding itself is impervious to rotting, and does not attract insects. It is designed to allow for proper ventilation. Pre-punched weep-holes along the bottom butt edge of the siding allow condensation to drain out.

Q: What effect will vinyl siding have on television or radio reception?

A: None at all.

Q: How does its price compare with other replacement siding materials?

A: Vinyl siding is competitively priced with other siding materials. When you consider that you no longer need to have your house repainted every few years, the cost is very economical and eventually will be recovered by eliminating repainting costs. Vinyl siding is designed to last 40 years or more. Consult individual manufacturers for specific warranties.

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