Shingles Damage from Hail

Cedar shakes and shingles perform well in hail damage from storms when compared to other products. Haag Engineering of Dallas, Texas has determined that cedar products receive only superficial marring from ¾” (marble size) hail, while composition shingles are bruised, requiring shingle replacement.hail stones

Wood Roofs: Shingles Damage and Repair
Hail Characteristics
Section 5.3.5
Haag Engineering

Pea Size – ( ¼” )
Amount of roof damage –

Marble Size – ( ¾” )
Amount of roof damage –
Minimal to wood

Composition shingles damage could be bruised or chipped

Golfball Size – ( 1¾” )

Quantity of Shingles damage

Splitting of shakes and shingles starts

Severe damage to composition shingles

Haag Engineering has defined roof damage the following:

When a (composition) shingle continues to be bruised, a progressive degeneration develops and culminates having a hole within the shingle. A puncture or “bruise” affects water losing capacity and also the lengthy-term serviceability of the roof and, hence, is damage.

Hail affecting a cedar roof may cause damage when the hailstones are big enough and also have sufficient densities, harnesses, and impact velocities to separate the wood they strike. If your shingle (or shake) doesn’t split when it’s influenced, it’s not hail-broken.

Further testing of The Clarke Group cedar shakes has proven a much greater sturdiness to hail. The tests carried out at Haag Engineering in The month of January 1995 demonstrated these quality heavy cedar shakes survived impacts of two Inch ice balls traveling at 71 mph.

Haag Engineering also revealed the next from extensive research:

Hail mark downturns that do not initially result in a split don’t produce a possibility of future splitting.

Most hail-triggered downturns disappear with wood fiber recovery and natural weathering.

Older but physically seem hail damage shingles aren’t any more impacted by hail than new shingles.

Hail won’t modify the natural weathering procedure for cedar shingles.

The chance for hail damage to asphalt shingles is considerably greater than cedar “since large size hail falls only in a tiny region from the total storm area” based on Haag Engineering.

There’s no permanent visual damage to cedar when hail indentations occur. Indentations on wood shakes and shingles will recover and therefore are undetectable after several several weeks.

If needed, repair of cedar roofs is simple and also the items natural coloring enables perfect matches. Cedar shakes and shingles don’t have color coatings with different color lots, just like almost all other items.

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