Why elastomeric roof coating is a good energy efficiency method


Elastomeric roof coatings are rubber based coatings. Elastomeric roof coatings come in white color and they are mixed with colorants to get the desired color and look. They are much better than asphalt based roof coating because they can stretch upto 600%.The elastomeric roof coatings ability to stretch makes it an ideal for use in metal roofs, asphalt roofs, concrete roofs and rubber roofs. They also helps to reduce the roof temperature, the white elastomeric roof coating is an excellent choice for roof tops that needs to withstand high temperatures because it helps to reflect heat and light away from the rooftops .Cooler roof temperature also plays a vital role in overall room temperature, you can save a lot of money on electricity bills by investing in elastomeric roof coatings. If you do the math then the elastomeric roof coating actually pays for itself in just the energy savings alone. Elastomeric coating is favored by business owners and contractors. The Ultra White elastomeric coating helps in reducing air-conditioning costs in bigger industries.

Roof CoatingElastomeric roof coating -Lower cost than re-roofing, high performance, low maintenance and good energy efficiency
Elastomeric roof coating can easily withstand low temperatures as well as high temperatures. Elastomeric coating protects your roofs even at low temperatures of -45ºC (-50ºF) and high temperatures of +52ºC (125ºF).The coating offers the lowest lifecycle cost because you rarely need to spend any money on its maintenance. The roofs that used elastomeric coating provided leak-free performance for more than 20 years. Elastomeric coating can be installed directly into the existing substrate which also helps to reduce the landfill waste. The reflective property of elastomeric roof coating improves the energy efficiency of the building. It also protects from hail and extreme wind hazards.
Elastomeric roof coating is known for providing industry-leading protection for storage and infrastructure industries. The coating can be installed fast and the higher tensile strength ensures that there is no wastage by covering the maximum area. The ultra white elastomeric roof coating exceeds the US ENERGY STAR guidelines because it is capable of reflecting 83% of the heat from the sun. Most storage and infrastructure industries are able to reduce their air conditioning energy costs by as much as 50% by using the ultra white elastomeric roof coating. The heat stress and the related cracks and damages are virtually eliminated by elastomeric roof coating because of its improved low-temperature elongation properties.
According to the reports of Roofing Manufacturers Association the build-up on industrial structures and roofs can reduce the life span of rubber, synthetic polymer, and asphalt roofing systems. The white coating of elastomeric coating reflects light and heat and reduces the impact of heat on the building roof. In a 95° F day the temperature of black roof top may rise upto 170° F while a white roof would only extends upto 120° F.This 30% decrease is by just color alone. By using an elastomeric coating 83% of heat and uv rays from the sun are reflected back. The coating use for these purposes includes large concentrations of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.
You can use spray, brush or roller for easy application.
If you are Spray painting then use Airless Sprayer like Graco GH833 or similar ones. A good quality synthetic bristle brush is also good. Long nap, Safe-T-Plex roller will help you to limit wastage and cover 100 sq. ft. per gallon of coating. The toxicity and odor are really low and does not affect the health of the person applying it. Elastomeric roof coating also offers excellent adhesion to many building substrates and in most cases the first coating would be sufficient. You can also clean up the white coating occasionally by using water. Elastomeric roof coating is resistant to dirt and dust and the dust particles from the wind rarely stick to this coating. This coating is also waterproof and will comfortable last over 10 years. Elastomeric roof coating exceeds LEED and US Energy Star guidelines for reflectivity and is a cost effective alternative to re-roofing.

Elastomeric roof coating is a good energy efficiency method and it protects your roof from heat stress and increases the roofs exterior durability and UV resistance.

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