How to Identify and Repair Your Hail Damaged Roofing


Hailstorms can do serious damage to your roofing. The balls of ice that falls on your roofing during hailstorms can range from a few centimeters to 6 inches. A 6 inch ball of ice may cause cracks in your roofing. Water droplets may get trapped inside these cracks once the ice starts melting and may further damage your roofing. There are many factors that affect the condition of your roof. It includes the pre-existing condition of the roof before the hailstorm, the age of the roof etc. Hail damaged roofing’s are not always easy to detect and most people will only detect the damage after it’s too late. If you have insured your home then your insurance company may even deny your claim for the repairs, if your roofing is completely damaged.
You need to do through check up of your roof to determine the damage caused by hailstorms.

1. The first step in identifying the Hail Damaged Roofing is to look for damaged paint or dents in the siding. Missing shingles or shingles with blisters or dent can also give you an outline of the damage caused. The dings and dents in the gutters and downspouts should also be checked. The missing piece of asphalt of the roof also indicates the damage. The granules of the asphalt may have been knocked off by the hail. The bruising in the shingles can be found out by running your hand over the shingles. If you can feel small dimples in the surface of the shingles then they have been seriously affected by the hailstorm. If the dimples give off then it’s a sign of deterioration.

2. You also need to check inside your home for any visible damages like water strains on your ceilings or side walls. Major home repairs would be required if you delay the repairs. Leaking roof needs to be replaced in some cases.

3. You also need to contact your insurance agent and enlighten them about the damages caused.
The more data you can provide your insurance company the better claim you are able to receive from them. The insurance agents are biased and want to limit your claims to the minimum. The insurance companies always evaluate the damages and prepare a cost estimate for the necessary repairs. The adjusters from the insurance agency will physically evaluate the damage and you need to show them the damages caused by the hailstorm so that are able to go through all the details and prepare a better cost estimate for your damages. Contacting your insurance agent at the earliest will let you know whether they are willing to pay for your damages or not. Insurance companies are known not to approve claims that easily so it all depends on your research and understanding the insurance rules and the damages caused by the hailstorms on your roofing.

4. Once you got an estimate from your insurance provider you must contact your local roofing contractor and ask him to do an evaluation of the damages. Mention your contractor about your insurance claim and provide him with the evaluation details by the adjuster. The roofing contractor’s estimates are not biased and he will provide you with the right estimate. In most cases you will end up with 2 or more discrepancies. If you hire the roofing contractor to repair the home then he may also be willing to communicate with the insurance company and inform them about the discrepancies in the two evaluations. If you do not have insurance then you need to get your roof examined by multiple contractors because most contractors may claim serious hail damages to your roof. These type of contractors want to make more money from the job by citing unnecessary repairs and fixes.

5. You need to get in writing the details of the work that need to be done and the costs involved in the process from your roofing contractor so that you can ensure that no disputes occur during repairs. You also need to get the required paperwork from your insurance agency that contains the details of your claims and begin your work at the earliest.


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