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The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic, a device created for you to appropriately deter a broad wide variety of pest birds using harmless strong waves is now attainable to be able to house owners.

On line PR News – 26-September-2013 – The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic, a tool created with the intention to properly deter a broad wide variety of pest birds working with harmless sound waves is today accessible to property owners. The programmable strong bird deterrent is scientifically made so as to deter birds from important open spaces love backyards, rooftops and spacious gardens. The tool most certainly exploits a birds natural alertness together with sensitive hearinghearing that is same if you want to humans who, appreciate birds, do not pay attention to the ultrasonic sounds emitted through completely different substantial frequency devices. The sounds emitted resemble frequent birdcalls with the intention to the human ear, hence which they will not annoy pets or neighbors.

The versatile Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic broadcasts real pre-recorded discomfort along with predator calls of more than 22 designs of birds, which includes pigeons, crows, gulls, starlings, woodpeckers as well as grackles. The instrument might be set to deter a precise bird or left on a common setting to be able to cover various bird species. This properly covers most bird troubles . Individuals sounds are played every ten minutes in an effort to alert birds of risk. As soon as birds hear these calls, their all-natural instinct is if you want to flee the location. The device may possibly also be programmed for you to turn on/off at night together with a sum control makes it possible for users in order to differ the output intensity between 65-105 decibels.

The rugged Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic is constructed of UV-protected materials as well as is both sun in addition to weather resistant for outdoor employ permitting it in order to be placed exactly where pest birds deliver a concern. The unit is powered as a result of sustainable solar power for efficient daylight operation along with features rechargeable batteries for operation for the duration of nighttime. A easy LCD show panel shows the units operating status as well as user settings at almost every times. The unit comes with one internal speaker that will cover up to an acre of home.

Bird-B-Gone, Inc. is the worlds largest brand name in addition to distributor of bird- together with critter-control merchandise offering productive as well as humane options to be able to construct a pest-bird-free and critter-free environment.Bird-B-Gone, Inc. is the worlds biggest model of qualified grade bird deterrents. We present profitable along with humane choices so as to prevent birds from landing or roosting in unwanted locations.


“Birds hearing is exact same with the intention to humans, this is what tends to make the Super Sonic the choice for scaring birds away over ultrasonic devices.”

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