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The Oxford dictionary defines “trend” as ‘a general direction by which something is developing or changing’. Wikipedia defines it amongst other things like a “fad”. I suppose the way you define it really is irrelevant what’s significant is whether or not you think about them in all of your home design quests. Or, among my sons loves to place it, whether you are a “bandwagon-jumper-onner” (and he will major in British. . .).

Should you choose give consideration to trends here are a few that the couple of within the design community say are certainly “in” for kitchen areas:

Your Kitchen Ranks At The Very Top

Should you had not observed the kitchen receives top billing in the home so far as attention and importance and it appears as though it is going to stay this way for that expected future. Due to it should embody important characteristics like sufficient room, the best sights and appropriate traffic flow.

That’s easier in theory if you are not creating a custom home and also have to operate inside the envelope of the existing house. But even when that’s your scenario, individuals objectives should not get any less focus for me. Among the greatest issues I faced within my own kitchen redesign was traffic flow. Eliminating pinch points and poor space allocation was answer to the thrill we get free from our new kitchen.

Natural Materials (Or Great Look-Alikes)

There’s a movement toward greater adoption of natural materials in the kitchen area company, that also includes granite. In my money, our granite top is a great attribute given it’s sturdiness and sweetness. Character-inspired is really a close second and you will find numerous items available that draw their inspiration from natural materials. Okite quarta movement appearing and Cambria’s Waterstone Collection are simply two good examples.

Grey Is Within

You shouldn’t be afraid to make use of color in the correct quantity. Grey continues to be known as the brand new beige where it once may have been regarded as drab or dreary, it is the foundation by which to highlight splashes of contrasting color.

On the better note I believe products that integrate bold or trend-setting color function as the less permanent things inside your kitchen (think lighting fittings, furniture, perhaps a backsplash tile). Pantone might state that emerald may be the color of the season for 2013 but what goes on when 2014 comes around (or even more likely, your likes change)?

Non Conventional, More Contemporary

Another trend is really a escape from the standard, heavier styles and also the embrace of the cleaner, more contemporary form. If you want the feel of cleaner counter top edges and fewer ornate cabinetry you are around the leading edge of kitchen style trends.

I am still an advocate of integrating styles which are pleasing towards the user, no matter trends. However it’s difficult to deny that without trends and also the influence they bear, the spaces we reside in would most likely be pretty boring.


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