Leaky Rain Gutters what to look for

There is a surefire way to spot signs your rain gutter system is not up to par:

  • Not hanging or sagging
  • window frame leaking rain
  • Broken hangers
  • rain water leak into the house
  • Negative drainage
  • Rust coming thru the paint
  • window leaking into the wall

Problems like these can seem small in the beginning but can & will become nightmares over time.  To ensure your system is kept to its greatest performance, we suggest a yearly assessment and cleaning.

Rusty Gutters

Gutter ReplacementRusty gutters are not only horridness looking they can also allow water to cost unforeseen damage that can & will prove to be more costly later if left to go unattended. If there are visible signs of rusty color coming out of the paint is the rust separating the paint from the surface metal which in most case your gutters are galvanized steel gutters.

Over the year I have seen many DIY’ers come up with some great or I would far to say highly imaginative ways to seal up rusty gutters. Sorry, there really is not a good or established way to seal up rust-damaged galvanized steel gutters. Sure there a quick fixes but they usually don’t last or hold up.

Galvanized steel is a compressed product that is held together with Galvanized…


Gutters made of materials like galvanized steel will ultimately rust.

Leaky Rain Gutters

In the case of aluminum gutters leaking, nine out of ten times the rain gutters were installed to weather conditions or climate. Leaky seams and the wrong type of sealant were used. With Ernie’s years of testing & working experience in this area since 1978, found the best sealant that will seal rain gutter material and allow the metal’s natural thermal expansion and contraction of aluminum with climate and temperature.

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