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Insights from a Third-Generation Contractor

Discover the comprehensive guide to rain gutter costs, written by Ernie’s Gutter, a trusted name in Denver since 1978. Learn about materials, installation, and tips for gutter replacement, soffit fascia wrap, and seamless gutters.

Rain Gutter Costs: Insights from a Third-Generation Contractor

Hello, I’m Ernie, from Ernie’s Gutter, a family business that’s been serving Denver since 1978. As a third-generation gutter contractor, I’ve seen the industry evolve, and I’m here to share my insights on rain gutter costs. Whether you’re considering a seamless gutter, soffit fascia wrap, or a complete gutter replacement, understanding the costs involved is crucial.


Understanding Rain Gutter Materials and Costs

When it comes to rain gutters, the material you choose significantly impacts both the initial investment and long-term maintenance. Here’s a quick rundown:

Vinyl Gutters: Affordable at $5 to $9 per linear foot but less durable.

Aluminum Gutters: A popular choice costing $8 to $12 per linear foot, offering a good balance of cost and durability.

Steel Gutters: Priced at $8 to $10 per linear foot, these are durable but can rust.

Copper Gutters: High-end at $35 to $55 per linear foot, known for their longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Zinc Gutters: Costing $20 to $25 per linear foot, they offer durability with minimal maintenance.

Choosing the right material can make all the difference in the long run, especially here in Denver where weather conditions can be quite variable.


1. What is the most cost-effective gutter material?

Vinyl gutters are the most cost-effective but are less durable than other options like aluminum or steel.

2. How often should I clean my gutters?

It’s recommended to clean your gutters at least twice a year, in the spring and fall.

3. Are seamless gutters worth the extra cost?

Yes, seamless gutters reduce the risk of leaks and require less maintenance, making them a worthwhile investment.

4. What are the benefits of soffit fascia wrap?

Soffit fascia wrap protects against moisture and pests, improves the home’s appearance, and eliminates the need for painting.

5. Can I install gutters myself?

While possible, professional installation ensures proper fitting and reduces the risk of future issues.

6. How long do aluminum gutters last?

Aluminum gutters can last 20-30 years with proper maintenance.

7. What are gutter guards and do I need them?

Gutter guards prevent debris from clogging your gutters, reducing maintenance needs. They are beneficial if your home is surrounded by trees.

8. How much do downspouts cost?

Downspouts typically cost $5 to $10 per linear foot.

9. Why is regular gutter maintenance important?

Regular maintenance prevents blockages, leaks, and damage, extending the life of your gutters.

10. How do I choose the right gutter contractor?

Look for experienced contractors with good reviews, like Ernie’s Gutter in Denver. Get multiple quotes to compare prices and services.



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