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Getting Restored Existence to Roofs with Roof X Tender Pro Roof Maintenance & Restoration Solutions

Because the economy firms its belt, possibilities flourish for items that provide restored existence to roofs. Spring is nearby, and building proprietors is going to be searching for methods to maintain or restore their aging roofs. Researching Roof X Tender, which belongs to the TRI-BUILT group of items, offered at Allied Building Products can give value minded roofing contractors the solution they aim to help eliminate costly tear offs.

In the last many years, awesome roofing and roof maintenance have become tremendously in recognition. By providing cost-effective, eco-friendly and-efficient options, Allied Building Products and TRI-BUILT provide companies, contractors as well as their clients using the high-quality, innovative items they have started to expect. Using the Roof X Tender program you’ll train your organization new techniques of tapping this highly lucrative and growing market while strengthening associations with new and existing clients and supplying viable methods to meet their demands.

The Roof X Tender line offers three highly reflective, cool roof coating items. The brand new RX-500, RX-700 and RX-900 all extend the helpful lives of existing roof systems and every meets the rules of ENERGY STAR.

By meeting the needs for ENERGY STAR, the Roof X Tender line has got the benefit of lowering roof surface temps, therefore lowering the quantity of warmth moved right into a building’s interior. This really is beneficial for that existence from the roof and furthermore saves your clients money by reduction of the quantity of ac required to have a building comfortable, offering victory-win situation for the clients and also the atmosphere.

Presenting the TRI-BUILT Type of Roof X-Tender Professional Roof Maintenance & Restoration Solutions

The RX-500 White Elastomeric Cool Roof Coating featuring awesome whitened coating, meets Energy Star rules helping reduce energy usage. This flexible, whitened elastomeric roof coating is made to awesome roof surfaces and extend roof existence and offers a reflective barrier, which prevents the sun’s warmth and destructive UV rays from going down hill roof surfaces. Additionally, it blocks warmth build-in roof membranes, which results in a discount of roof temps and reduced cooling costs.

The RX-700 Fees are 100% acrylic Cool Roof Coating the whitest and best, surpasses ENERGY STAR rules, drastically reduces roof temps and reduces cooling costs. This condition-of-the-art, high end coating is made to safeguard, preserve and extend roof existence and drastically reduces roof top temps assisting to minimize energy usage and cooling costs. This coating consists of premium resins and polymers for additional versatility in addition to choose titanium dioxide for additional reflectivity and coverage qualities. Use of this coating also reduces warmth develop within the roof membrane and may greatly extend the existence of existing roofing materials so that they tend to be more durable and keep going longer.

The RX-900 Premium Elastomeric SB Cool Roof Coating is very flexible, with effective adhesion, fast cure and also the best ponding resistance. This Thermoplastic Coating is really a whitened, liquid rubber coating that’s manufactured utilizing a choose mixture of thermoplastic polymers, rubbers and solvents having a coating that’s well suited for coating and sealing metal, concrete and single

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ply membranes. The highly elastic rubber and polymers within this product produce a highly flexible and durable coating that grows and contracts over 700%. This rubber like membrane supports extreme climate conditions, is UV blocked and offers an ultra awesome finish that drastically reduces roof temps. This decrease in temps results in lower warmth transfer to your building and may substantially reduce energy usage and cooling costs. The product may also function as a vapor barrier and it has good potential to deal with standing water conditions.

Using the Roof X Tender items you will be around the forefront from the continuously growing market of roof maintenance and restoration. The Roof X Tender program is here now to assist companies expand their business, grow profits and supply useful solutions for his or her clients.

With Roof X Tender you are able to feel certain that you will be while using state-of-the-art technology which has created cost-effec

tive, energy-efficient and eco-friendly items. So, climb the ladder towards the roof and also to success by utilizing TRI-BUILT roofing items from Allied Building Products, and choose the Roof X Tender product that’s good for you as well as your clients.

The 3 from the new roof films does apply rapidly and simply over most kinds of existing roof systems. To learn more concerning the complete collection of Roof X Tender items visit TRI-BUILT on

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