Roof Coating & Energy Savings Go Hand In Hand

Roof Coatings

The kind of roof coating you use will have a tremendous effect on your energy savings. Thanks to the amount of research that goes into this area, we can now save more than 20% of our electricity bills by using the right roof coating for our home or office space. A normal roof allows 83% of the sun’s heat to penetrate through it. If you are using an air conditioner then your air conditioner needs to run nonstop to keep the temperature down. The electricity bills during your air-conditioned months will also gift you a headache. The electricity bills will be very high and instead of blaming your air conditioner or your utility company, you should start looking for a way to minimize your electricity bill the very next time. A roof coating will help you save a lot of money in the long term and prevent your air conditioner from getting damaged


• Roof Coating
• Energy Savings
• Environment Friendly
• Reflect UV & Infrared Waves
• Extend the Life if your Roof

energy costs

Modern roof coatings are environment friendly and they help to cut down energy costs. Roof coatings that use reflective white colorings reflect back the heat and light that falls on them. They are scientifically proven to lower roof temperatures in any climate. The interior temperature of your home is substantially reduced by controlling the roof’s temperature. Modern roof coating helps you “go green” and helps you save big on your energy costs. Roof coatings help to further seal roofs from the external heat that try to penetrate through your rooftops and protect your roofing from all type of weather hazards.
Roof Coatings are the most convenient and cheapest way to save on your monthly electricity expenses.


They can also be installed easily on your rooftops either by yourself’s or by hiring professionals. The expenses would be very less For both cases. Roof coating products are ENERGY STAR certified and reliable. These coatings are designed to reflect 97% of UV and infrared waves emitted from the Sun. Infrared waves play a crucial role in increasing your home temperature because of their ability to penetrate through most objects. Traditionally people tend to use dark-colored products on their rooftops to beautify their homes but these dark-colored products or coatings are known to absorb the heat from the sun’s rays. The heat from the sun’s rays is eventually passed to the internal layers of your home or office.

Roof coatings lower cooling costs by preventing roof expansion. Roof expenses due to direct heat from the sunlight they receive. The areas affected that way will develop cracks in the long term and finally, small openings begin to form on these rooftops. Cracks also cause heat from the sun to get trapped in it and further increase your property’s internal temperature. Dramatic temperature extremes on your rooftops may compromise the protection of your home. Rainwater may enter your home through various openings. These openings in rooftops also cause the cold air from the interior of your home to escape through it. Your property’s air conditioning has been seriously affected this way because more electricity is used to cool the room. More cooling it is needed because the heated air from the outside enters your room and increases the temperature again and again and it becomes impossible to control the airflow.


Elastomeric roof coatings offer durability and protect your property from rainwater, snow, and wind damage. A roofing specialist can help you in picking up the best roof coating based on the material used on your roof. Modern roof coatings use high-quality-grade products that do not cause harm to the environment. The carbon footprint from using these roof coatings is reduced to zero, thanks to the technology used.

The roof coatings that use “energy-star” rated reflective roof coating gets special rebates and incentives from the government. The roof tops that use roof coatings also do not require frequent maintenance because it increases the life of the roofs on which it is used. Cool reflective roof coatings reflect 90% of the heat and harmful UV rays it gets from the sun and provides more benefit to your home in the long run than the amount you have invested on it. Your property’s aesthetic appearance also gets improved by using roof Coatings. If you are renovating your home use roof coatings because it increases the value of your property.


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