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Generally, homeowners possess a misunderstanding regarding their insurance professional. They feel that because they’ve been faithfully having to pay their annual rates the representative is worried about doing what suits them. That can be a might be true for a small number of agents, most agents however realize that their loyalty would be to the insurance company they work with. Once the insurer arrives to look at your roof damage, she or he really wants to save the company just as much money as you possibly can. This means they is going to do whatever needs doing to reduce the need for your claims. That’s why it’s important to work with a Denver Roofing Ernie’s Roofing Siding Gutter contractor as the advocate to offer you insurance claims assistance.

Roof Damage

We use individuals like you who require assistance in filing claims as well as in handling the many other duties that could entail. You will not suffer from telephone calls, emails, and letters from the insurance company, other companies, or other people. All that is going to be handled by us. We all know what must to become completed to process a claim most effectively and correctly. We will help you interpret the small print of the policy. The majority of us don’t completely understand the jargon and small print insurance providers use to describe our coverage, the insurance policy exceptions along with other elements. We are able to part in and help you produce a sense of all of the particulars so you’ll be equipped with understanding.


You might want to have us examine your roof for damage before you decide to call your insurance company. Generally, an insurance company will contemplate a claim upon your policy even when you do not obtain a cent. When they venture out, they count it as being a claim. We are able to make certain the roof is qualified for any claim before you decide to call your insurance company. If there’s damage, we may also be pleased to meet your insurance insurer and make certain the specifications of the claim are correct. We’ll have the ability to give a true estimate of the items you’ve lost consequently from the storm, fire, or any other destructive event. Regrettably, it’s all to common for insurance adjusters to disregard common products which are have to correctly develop a roof. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Did they include each and every item that’s essential for any project?
  • Did they find out the correct linear footage from the necessary drip edge, valley metal, and ridge vents?
  • Did they include all of the vent caps, pipe jacks, chimney flashing, etc.?
  • Did they adjust for any steep charge, a couple-story charge, rubbish, etc?
  • Did they inspect the number of layers that have to be removed?
  • What are the broken decking boards that require change?
  • Did they consider the marketplace conditions?
  • If there is bad weather lately, will the cost list they’re using reflect individuals’ conditions?
  • If you’re already speaking to some roofing contractor, is the company experienced in most of these problems to make sure that your insurance company goodies you fairly?

Insurance Claims

We are able to also examine your policy and choose how much to get according to individuals’ damages. When the wheels from the claims process are put in place as well as an insurer continues to be designated to examine and assess the loss, we’ll use them in your account and will assist you to negotiate the kind of settlement you deserve. Our Insurance Restoration Specialist will come across using the insurer and explain all the damage. The claims insurer provides you with an itemized explanation in your claim settlement as well as your deductible amount and depreciation. Most homeowner guidelines provide coverage for full replacement cost provided the repairs are really completed. When this is actually the situation, the depreciation is considered recoverable and also the final payment is created in the end your receipts happen to be posted and processed. Remember we are employed by your own interests, not the insurance coverage companies.

The way in which an insurance coverage claim is handled does really make a difference! What sort of claim is filed can very frequently affect the actual way it is settled. A properly handled claim ought to be a concern-free process with a brand new roof (frequently upgraded) being installed for little if any money upfront. If it’s not handled correctly, a claim could be refused completely or even the homeowner may finish up having to pay thousands of dollars when it wasn’t necessary. Please call 720 346 7773 today and we’ll be happy to take you step-by-step through the procedure.

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Insurance Claims FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The insurance claim process is as stress-free as possible. all necessary documentation and estimates to ensure that your claim is processed quickly and correctly.

What do I Do if I think I have Storm Damage ?
What do I need to do to file an insurance claim for hail or wind damage ?

Once the initial contact is made, your insurance company will then Give your Claim Number & Adjusters Name & Phone.  Write it down. The adjuster will come out to verify the damage and assess the cost of repairs.

What documentation do I need to provide insurance Claim for damage ?

Your policy Number | Date of Loss | Any pictures of Loss | Receipts of Damage | Proof of ownership

What if my insurance company denies my claim damage ?

This is where our team of experienced insurance claim specialists will work with you to ensure that the insurance claim process is as stress-free as possible.

Can Your Insurance Rates Go Up After A Hail Claim ?

Many policies provide coverage for hail damage, but the amount and type of coverage can vary greatly. It is important to understand what is covered and what is not when it comes to hail claims. <Read more>

Are there Time limits to file a homeowner’s claim ?

It is also important you know the terms of your specific your insurance policy. Many policies have specific definitions of what constitutes hail or wind damage and what types of repairs are covered. Knowing this information can help ensure that your claim is processed quickly and you receive the coverage you are entitled to. < read more >

Do I Have to Pay a Deductible ?

For those who are unaware, deductibles are a set amount that homeowners themselves will have to pay toward the cost of their insurance claim.


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Our team of experienced insurance claim specialists will work with you to ensure that the insurance claim process is as stress-free as possible. We will work with your insurance company to provide all necessary documentation and estimates to ensure that your claim is processed quickly and correctly.

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When it comes to roof damage, it can be difficult to determine whether the damage was caused by hail or wind. While both types of damage can cause similar symptoms, they have different causes and require different repair methods.

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