Roofing Contractor Phrases

Roofing Contractor Phrases

Algae- Roof fungus that will leave dim stains on roofing.

Tilted nails- Roofing nails and staples pushed into decks at angles not parallel toward the deck.

APA- American Plywood Affiliation. Exams and sets standards for the people styles of plywoods utilized while in the U.S.

Apron flashing- Steel flashing applied at chimney fronts.

ARMA- Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association. Organization of roofing producers.

Asphalt- A bituminous waterproofing agent utilized in several

roofing components.

Asphalt concrete primer- Asphalt based mostly primer accustomed to get ready concrete and metal for asphalt sealant.

Asphalt plastic cement- Asphalt based mostly sealant substance, conference ASTM D4586 Style I or II. Accustomed to seal and adhere roofing supplies. Often called mastic, blackjack, roof tar, bull.

ASTM-The American Modern society for Tests and Materials. Firm that sets expectations for just a multitude of resources, which includes roofing.


Back-appearing- Granular product put into shingle’s back again to support with holding separate in the course of shipping and delivery and storage.

Blistering- Bubbles or acne breakouts in roofing elements. Generally moisture similar. In shingles sore places are commonly dampness beneath the material or dampness trapped within the fabric.

Blow-offs- When shingles are uncovered to substantial winds, and therefore are forced off a roof deck.

Buckling- Any time a wrinkle or ripple affects shingles or their underlayments.


Closed-cut valley- A shingle valley installation method where just one roof plane’s shingles wholly go over the other’s. The easiest layer is slash to complement the valley strains.

Cobra® – GAFMC’s respected brand name for ventilation merchandise.

Corrosion- When rust, rot or age adversely influence roofing metals.

Counter-flashing-The metal or siding materials that’s put in around roof-top base flashing techniques.

State Mansion® & Place Estates™-GAFMC’s limited lifetime

warranty shingle.

Crickets- A peaked water diverter put in behind fireplaces along with other large roof forecasts. Effectively diverts water around forecasts.

Cupping- When shingles are incorrectly mounted in excess of a current roof or are

over-uncovered, they form a curl or cup.


Deck- The substrate that roofing is made use of. Usually plywood, wood boards, or planks.

Dormer- A elevated roof stretching from a bigger roof plane.

Drip-edge- An put in lip that keeps shingles up from the deck at edges, and stretches shingles out in excess of eaves and gutters, and prevents water from copying under shingles.

Dubl-Coverage® Mineral Guard- Roll roofing materials with 19″ selvage edge for double coverage around roof deck.


Eaves- The roof edge during the fascia in direction of the structure’s outdoors wall. In

general terms, the pretty first three ft across a roof is called the eave.

Finish-laps- When setting up folded items in roofing, the region in which a roll finishes on the roof, and it is overlapped through the next portion of folded content. (underlayments, folded roofing)

Exposure- The region on any roofing substance that’s left uncovered toward the elements.


Nails- Nails or staples utilized in acquiring roofing toward the deck.

Felt-Organic or paper-based folded product saturated with asphalt for everyone as roofing underlayment.

Federal housing administration-The Government Housing Authority. Sets construction benchmarks

through the U.S.

Abs plastic pad- supplies condensed into strong, resilient mats to be utilized in roofing products.

Flange-Metal pan stretching up or lower a roof slope around flashing pieces. Commonly at fireplaces and plumbing vents

Flashing- Supplies accustomed to waterproof a roof around any forecasts with the roof deck.

Flashing cement- Sealant created for use around flashing areas, typically thicker than plastic cement.

Flat Roofing – a set metal or concrete roof, typically roofing resources are folded out and attached in one of several ways or used by brush or curler much like fresh paint.


Gable roof- Traditional roof style two peaked roof planes conference in a ridge kind of equal size.

GAFCant®- GAFMC cant strips for deflecting water from flashing areas. Typically utilized on low slope roofs.

Golden Pledge®- GAFMC’s most powerful limited warranty for shingles. America’s most powerful steep slope warranty.

Grand Sequoia®- GAFMC shingle with wood shake appearance.

Grand Slate™- GAFMC shingle with slate appearance.

Granules- Crushed rock that’s covered having a ceramic coating and fired, used as major surface on shingles.


Hands-sealing- The technique to make sure sealing of shingles on very steep slopes, in superior wind areas, so when setting up in cold temperature.

Significant nailing- When shingles are nailed or attached above the

manufacturer’s specified nail location.

Stylish legs- The lower-slope side rails on stylish roofs.

Stylish roof- A roof with four roof planes uniting in a peak and 4 different stylish legs.


Ice Dam- Every time a snow load touches on the roof and re-freezes inside the

eave areas. Ice dams pressure water to “back-up” a roof and cause leakage.


“L” flashing- Continuous steel flashing composed of countless ft of steel. Used at horizontal walls, bent to resemble an “L”.

Laminated shingles- Shingles produced from two independent pieces which are laminated together. GAFMC Timberline® Series, Region Mansion® and Grand Sequoia® Shingles. Also known as dimensional shingles and architectural shingles.

Laps- The region where by roll roofing or folded underlayments overlap 1

another all over application (see also side laps and finish laps).

Low slopes-Roof pitches under 4/12 are thought low sloped roofs. Special installation practices can be applied on roofs sloped 2/12-4/12.


Mansard- A roof design having a nearly vertical roof plane that ties right into a roof plane of less slope at its peak.

Mats- The overall term for that foundation substance of shingles and certain folded products.

Metallic Roofing – Metallic roof, frequently identified to like a container roof, is really a roofing system produced from metal pieces or tiles

Modified bitumen- Folded roofing membrane with polymer modified asphalt and only polyester or abs plastic reinforcement.

Mortar- Combination of sand, mortar, limestone and water used in connecting a chimney’s bricks together.


Nail-guide-line- Colored line on laminated shingles, to assist from the correct

positioning of nails.

Nail-pop- Any time a nail isn’t fully pushed, it sits up from the roof deck.

Nesting- Setting up another layer of shingles aiming courses using the

original roof to prevent shingle cupping.

NRCA- The Nation’s Roofing Companies Affiliation. Respected

national firm of roofing companies.


Open valley- Valley set up using steel lower the valley center.

Organic pad- Substance produced from recycled wood pulp and paper.

Organic Shingles- Shingles produced from organic (paper) mats.

OSB- Oriented Strand Board. A patio decking produced from wood chips and

lamination glues.

Over-driven- The word employed for nails travelled into roofing product with an excessive amount of pressure, smashing the fabric.

Over-uncovered- Setting up shingle courses greater than their intended



Pitch-ratio from the rise from the roof toward the length of the roof.

Energy vents- Electric powered fans accustomed to move air from attics and structures.

Plastic cement- Asphalt primarily based sealant. Also known as bull, mastic, tar, asphalt cement.

Plumbing ventsTerm accustomed to describe plumbing pipes that project via a roof plane. Often known as vent stacks.

Prevailing wind- The most typical direction of wind for the region.


Quarter sizedTerm is bigger of hands sealant dabs, size a U.S. 25¢ piece.


Racking- Approach to setting up shingles inside a upright the roof manner.

Rake edge-The vertical fringe of gable style roof planes.

Release film- The plastic sheet placed on the rear of Weather Watch® and StormGuard® underlayments. Employed for packaging and handling. Remove before set up.

Rigid vent- Plastic ridge vent substance.

Roof louvers- Roof rectangular formed roof vents. Often known as box vents, mushroom vents, airhawks, soldier vents.

Roof plane- A roofing area based mostly on getting four separate edges. A single for reds of the gable, stylish or mansard roof.

Roof Shingles – Roof shingles really are a roof covering composed of person overlapping elements. These components are typically flat rectangular shapes laid in rows in the foundation from the roof up, with every successive greater row overlapping the joints in just the row below.


Sawteeth- The uncovered portion of double thickness on Timberline® Series shingles. Formed to mimic wood shake check out the roof.

Self-sealant- Sealant placed on shingles. After set up, warmth and sun will activate sealant to close the shingles to just one another.

Selvage- The non uncovered area on folded roofing. Area without granules. Created for nail positioning and sealant.

Shed roof- Roof design of merely one particular roof plane. Area doesn’t tie into every other roofs.

Shingle-Mate®- GAFMC’s shingle underlayment. Breather sort with abs plastic backing to lessen facial traces and buckles.

Side-laps- The region on folded material in which one particular roll overlaps the folded product beneath it. Also known as selvage advantage on folded roofing.

Side-walls- In which a vertical roof plane meets a vertical wall. The edges of dormers etc.

Soffit ventilation- Intake air flow put in beneath the eaves, or inside the roof edge.

Wise Choice® Limited Warranty- GAFMC’s standard shingle limited warranty.

Wise Choice® System Plus Limited Warranty- GAFMC’s next grade of enhanced warranty. Extended coverage for proprietors.

Starter strip- The quite first span of roofing set up. Generally trimmed from primary roof content.

Steep slope roofing- Frequently all slopes greater than 4/12 are thought steep slopes.

Step-flashing- Steel flashing pieces set up at side-walls and

fireplaces for weather-proofing.

StormGuard®- GAFMC waterproof underlayment. Film appeared folded underlayment, 1.5 squares coverage per roll.


Tab- The underside part of traditional shingle separated through the shingle cut-outs.

Tear-off- Elimination of existing roofing products lower in direction of the roof deck.

Telegraphing- When shingles reflect the uneven surface beneath them. Shingles installed around secured shingles may possibly show some buckles.

Timberline® Series- GAFMC’s trademark reputation for laminated wood shake style shingles.

TIMBERTEX®- GAFMC enhanced Stylish and Ridge Shingles.

Transitions- Every time a roof plane ties into another roof plane which has a

different pitch or slope.


Under-drivenTerm accustomed to describe a fastener not fully pushed flush towards the shingles surface.

Underlayments- Asphalt based folded supplies made to be mounted under primary roofing product, for everyone as added protection.


Valleys-Area the place two adjoining sloped roof planes intersect on the roof developing a “V” formed depression.

VaporTerm accustomed to describe moisture laden air.

Ventilation- The word used in roofing for that passage of air from a specific space.


Warm wall- The finished wall in a structure, utilized in roofing to find out how you can install waterproof underlayments at eaves.

Warranty- The written promise to who owns roofing products for material linked problems.

Waterproof underlayments- Modified bitumen based mostly roofing underlayments. Made to seal to wood decks and waterproof critical leak areas.

Weather Stopper® Integrated Roofing System™- GAFMC’s complete roofing system and components.

Weather Watch®- GAFMC’s granule appeared waterproof underlayment.

Woven Valleys- The technique of setting up valleys by lounging one shingle inside of the other in the valley center.


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