Manual Sealing Needs for Asphalt Shingle RoofsAsphalt Shingle

Manual Sealing Needs for Asphalt Shingle Roofs Asphalt Shingle Particulars concerning the sealing recommendations from asphalt shingle roofing experts are in WIND DAMAGE to Asphalt Shingle ROOFS including an thorough overview of the argument around whether you ought to take away the clear wrapping strips from the rear of asphalt roof shingles before they’re installed [essentially, no as long as they feel at ease as well as in place]. Here’s what the GAF Materials Corporation, Grand Timberlineâ�¢ Premium Architectural Asphalt Shingle Application Instructions say concerning the glue strips and clear wrapping. You’ll note that we’re to depart the clear wrapping in position, but when site conditions (high wind) require immediate shingle sealing, an additional step, using additional shingle tab adhesive, is allowed. WIND RESISTANCE/Hands SEALING: These Asphalt Shingle possess a special thermal sealant that firmly bonds the shingles together after application when uncovered to sun and warm temps. Shingles set up in Fall or Winter might not seal before the following Spring. If shingles are broken by winds before sealing or aren’t uncovered to sufficient surface temps, or maybe the self-sealant will get dirty, the shingles may never seal. Failure to close under these conditions is a result of the character of self-sealing shingles and isn’t a manufacturing defect. Examine your roof on a yearly basis. Roofs tend to suffer the most damage in the spring and winter. Keep an eye out during these times.

TIP! When working on a roof, safety must be a top priority. A quick way to seriously injure yourself is to try to work on your roof in wet conditions.

To insure immediate sealing, apply 4 quarter-sized dabs of shingle tab adhesive on the rear of the shingle 1″ (25mm) and 13″ (330mm) in from both sides and 1″ (25mm) up from bottom from the shingle. Press shingle firmly in to the adhesive. For optimum wind resistance along rakes, cement shingles to underlayment and one another inside a 4″ (102mm) width of asphalt plastic roof cement. NOTE: Excess tab adhesive may cause blistering from the shingle. [The organization is mentioning to using additional roof shingle adhesive, not the factory-applied glue strip. Also see Sore spots on ASPHALT SHINGLES — InspectAPedia]. The film strips on the rear of each shingle will be to prevent adhering together from the shingles whilst in the bundle and also to keep grime and debris from the adhesive material to ensure that after installation the adhesive works. Their removal isn’t needed throughout application. In cold environments, the asphalt shingle sealant strip might not setup correctly and could require manual sealing. Wear rubber boots when you climb onto your roof. Even if it’s dry and sunny out, you need this type of footwear to maintain a good grip. Roof repairs will typically place you in harms way several times during the duration of their repairs, so be careful and think twice.

TIP! When you are looking into hiring a roofing contractor, check with family, friends and co-workers first. They will tell you about their experiences, including workmanship and price.

For 3-tab shingles, place two quarter-size spots of plastic roof cement underneath the lower corners of every tab (as proven in Figure 2-7). With laminated shingles, place 4 to 6 quarter-sized dots, spread evenly, about 1 inch above the foot of the overlapping shingle. Particulars concerning the sealing recommendations from asphalt shingle roofing experts are in WIND DAMAGE to ROOFS. If it will be a little while before a contractor will come to fix your roof, you should probably think of a temporary solution. You should purchase heavy plastic and nail it to the area. While not ideal, it will provide a temporary solution for you.

TIP! Don’t pay up front! Try not to give the contractor more than 25 percent upfront. You don’t want them to do a poor job or do less work than expected.

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