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Most people ask when should I replace my roof..?

Not all roofs in roofing products are the same are they educate themselves to what vacations I go on what type of cell phones they get but when it comes to a roof that’s not the case.

Well the older your roof it should be inspected if it hasn’t been maintained that’s a good rule of thumb to know that you might have a bad roof.

Getting a qualified roofing contractor to do an on-site inspection is a good place to start.

It’s a good idea it look at all of your vulnerable spots such as valleys Ridge and flashing.

When the homeowner gets the idea that they want to do their roof that could be a lot of fun getting into the colors the styles something to fit your lifestyle.

You can look at our high performance Roof Systems. That’s highly engineered to keep out the weather and protect your property to get you the performance you need out of that roof.

The key elements are engineered and designed to achieve top performance.

Starting with ventilation. You need an intake  vents and exhaust ventilation to gain the best performance of airflow in your attic.

This allows your roof to dissipate the moisture and stale air to escape from your attic.

As in any good project you got to start at the base…

 self-serving base or in the industry called ice & water Shield.

Ice and water is required by code in most counties.. Check with your local building department to find out in your area.

The the engineering that went into the ice and water Shield is to protect your house from Ice dams and any kind of penetration through nails. 

The ice and water Shield seals around the nails penetrations preventing any kind of moisture to get in and cause damage to your sheathing.



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