Solar Attic Cooling uses Natural Sunlight for Power

Attic CoolingAvailable Capacities (side and top connection models)
Model Operating CFMs Venting Capacity
10 WATT Solar Attic Fan 850 cfms 1,200 sq. ft.
20 WATT Solar Attic Fan 1,200 cfms 1,800 sq. ft.

State and Federal Tax Credits¹

State 35%
Federal (Motor & Housing) Valued @ $100 per fan
Federal (PV Panel) 30% (Valued @ $850 per fan)

Available Warranties
25-year housing, solar panel and motor manufacturer warranty³

Natural Light Solar Attic cooling Fan Benefits

Reduces attic cooling temp which decreases the stress on the actual costs of Heating and air conditioning.
The most apparent reason behind attic cooling air-flow is to decrease crawl space space temp throughout the more comfortable several weeks. Attic room temps may exceed 160°F in the course of warm summer nights. Suitable loft venting is effective in reducing those temperatures simply by approximately 50°F. It doesn’t matter how significantly padding is incorporated in the attic room, high temperature can certainly still move straight into adjacent apartments. Actually, extra insulation can help to increase temperatures boosts because high temperature will be held in your efficiency. Proper ventilation evacuates this particular extra high temperature build-up. Because warmth can be tired, the work fill from the ac method is decreased, and thus preserving vitality along with extending living with the air-con system.²
Runs lifespan in the roofing materials.

Although roof shingles are built to consider the mistreatment of the sun for several years, these are exposed to better temps when the roof decking will be able to cause problems, that is precisely what occur in an below ventilated attic cooling.
Within the much attic cooling several weeks, moisture is regarded as the serious worry. Even with the usage of steam barriers to keep dampness coming from entering the loft, there are air flow leakages about ceiling lighting fixtures, toilet exhaust fans that permit unwanted humidity in the crawl space. Humidity condensing about the framework members along with the interior of your roof terrace can bring about the expansion regarding mold, mildew and mold along with dry rot within the roof structure terrace and mounting. A good sign of moisture problem is rusty roofing nails firmly sticking to decking.

Roofing shingle suppliers guarantees call for suitable air flow for attic cooling.

Attic venting is necessary throughout frosty situations — the idea evacuates the nice and cozy humid oxygen which warmth options create. Scorching damp oxygen lingering in the crawl space areas could condense for the lows from the roof structure sheathing along with decompose it as well as leads to mildew to develop for the internal partitions. Chilly atmosphere inside the attic area will not customize the heat within the adjoining rooms when appropriately insulated.

Excellent air flow helps in avoiding snow or ice dams, that set out to variety any time hot air in the attic room touches the snow from underneath and helps to create runoff that refreezes on the frigid eaves.²
Item Standards Data

To learn more information about Normal Light’s items kindly visit the website at the following or you can down load this specific device’s Specs Sheet and Use as well as sales brochure down below.


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