Through Wall Scupper & Water Head Descriptions  

DescriptionThrough wall scupper are utilized to provide an outlet through parapet walls or even gravel halts upon smooth and built-up roofs to permit drainage of excess storm water. They may be utilized in conjunction with rain gutters as well as downspouts to move the movement to the preferred location.

Through wall scupper can be installed to hold water into rain gutters or directly into downspouts via conductor mind. Whenever a conductor head is used, it should be a minimum of 2″ wider compared to scupper. When neither conductor mind nor rain gutters are utilized to capture water, scupper spouts should lengthen beyond the exterior surface of the building to avoid wetting the building surface.

The actual minimum recommended fat for the construction associated with Through wall scupper is 16 oz. copper mineral. Scuppers are created along with flanges on the roof aspect that extend 4″ onto the roof. Wood blocking is needed below scuppers to provide a toe nail in a position surface area. Scuppers ought to be spaced no more than ten ft aside with respect to the roofing region drained.

Unique Conditions: Within locations with serious ice and snow problems and/or excessive particles, conductor mind along with overflow openings should be used.


Where a roof is totally encompassed by parapet partitions and drainage is provided through scuppers or even internal empties, flood scuppers ought to be supplied.


The roof-side flange from the gravel stop is nailed at 3″ To.C. towards the border blocking.

A.The through wall scupper from Raised Roofing Curb This detail demonstrates the installation of the scupper via a raised roofing curb with a tiny rocks quit. Because absolutely no rain gutters or even conductor heads are provided, the scupper spout ought to extend past the exterior encounter from the creating. All important joints from the scupper ought to be soldered. The edge from the copper ligament and gravel stop at the actual scupper ought to be soldered.

B. Scupper from Rain gutter This particular detail exhibits the scupper utilized in conjunction with a gutter. The through wall scupper spout is actually soldered in to the copper mineral ligament and gravel quit. The actual trickle fringe of the actual ligament ought to lengthen within the back again edge of the rain gutter through 1″ minimal. The scupper and gravel quit flanges are nailed to the blocking. The actual gutter should be allowed to move individually of the fascia/gravel quit.

through wall scupper

D. Scupper from Conductor Head  The conductor head should be at least 2″ wider than the scupper. It’s attached to the wood nailed to the fascia. The actual scupper spout is actually secured and soldered to the conductor mind. Just about all important joints between scupper, conductor head, downspout, ligament as well as tiny rocks stop tend to be soldered.  The minimal fat associated with copper suitable for conductor heads is actually 16 ounce.

Scupper from Parapet Walls Proven may be the installation of the copper scupper through a parapet walls along with conductor head as well as downspout.

The conductor mind is attached to the outside wall utilizing masonry fasteners. The scupper spout is actually secured and soldered onto the back edge of the actual conductor head. If conductor heads without flood are used, the edge from the head should be arranged 1″ underneath the scupper.

The drawing a line under flange is inserted and sealed into a brickwork joint over the scupper. The sides are also sealed from the brickwork. The scupper is actually secured as well as soldered to the flange at the very top and 2 attributes.

On the roof aspect, the actual flange is covered by copper flashing. The actual flange is formed and soldered towards the roof side of the scupper, departing a minimum of 4″ of material around the starting. A continuing sheet associated with copper counter flashing is inserted into a brick work combined above this flange. This flashing extends a minimum of 2″ past the finishes from the flange and laps the soldered combined between your flange and the through wall scupper.

The underside edge of the  through wall scupper on the top side is secured as well as soldered right into a continuous copper cleat. The copper gravel stop is soldered within the scupper.

E. Flood Scupper This fine detail demonstrates the installation of an overflow scupper. Overflow scuppers ought to be carefully situated to avoid excess water from remaining on the roof when the regular scuppers become blocked. They ought to, consequently, be placed at an height greater than the regular scuppers.

The outside detail is comparable to Detail D, with the exception that conductor heads as well as downspouts are not needed. The scupper is secured as well as soldered towards the drawing a line under flange on every side.

On the roof side, overflow  through wall scupper can be comprehensive similar to Detail Deb. The actual fine detail shows an alternate approach to creating either type of scupper. The top roof side flange is prolonged into a brick work joint. The edges from the flange tend to be covered against the brickwork.


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