Beware of the Storm Chaser Companies

Beware of the Storm Chaser Companies and hail damage brings people of latter’s  better known as fly by night Storm Chaser Companies trying to turn a quick buck from every corner of the country. Trust your instincts will say that says if it doesn’t seem right not.  Best of all that sounds too good probably is not good.

  • ·       How long have you PERSONALLY been in the home improvement Industry?
    Door knockers are usually low paid individuals trying to get a few points to get a lead or appointment.
  • What is your rating with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List?
    The myth that if a company is listed with Both the BBB and Angie’s List is going to give you a better job is
    not always true, it’s better to have references of houses they have done recently.
  • ·       What ‘skills’ does your company have?  Can you fix ALL my Home Exterior Storm Damage needs? It has been found in most Storm Chaser companies are ONLY able to fix your roof for damage they are NOT able to fix your seamless gutter, replacement windows Denver, awning, deck, fence etc.   This is because they ARE a Storm Chaser Company and NOT a true Construction Company that is established here locally.  This should be a huge stoplight warning  warning!
  • ·       Is your company fully insured and are your subcontractors also insured properly?  ASK FOR DOCUMENTATION! This is very important given the fact YOU the Home Owner are on the hook if a subcontractor, who is uninsured, falls off your roof while doing repairs!
  • ·       Ask for References of the Door Knockers last 5-10 completed jobs This is a good way to ensure that your house actually gets the head of the string into a test project and learning experience for the new found opportunistic storm chasers.
  • ·       Why do I need to Sign this Agreement?  DO NOT SIGN IT!!!!!!
    Door knocking companies will attempt to get you to sign an ‘exclusive agreement’ with them to do the work on your home.  Do not do so!  Even though we have heard the Contract do NOT stand up in court—Court is never where you want to resolve issues.
  • Are you open to us calling in Hail & Wind Damage specialist of Ernie’s Gutter to get a competing offer? If, the answer come out as NO.  your RIGHT you are working with a Storm Chaser company that is not used to giving Solid, Honest, or Ethical bids!  Call us right away and tell the Storm Chaser to leave you premises!

Call TODAY and keep the Storm Chaser AWAY!  

Ernie’s Gutter 720 346 7773

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