French Drain Purpose

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When you need a French Drain contractor you can rely on the team of experts at Ernie’s Roofing. We specialize in a wide range of services from new construction, maintenance, and repairs for your home or business.

French Drain Purpose

Protecting Your Property, Preserving Your Legacy

At Ernie’s Gutter, we take pride in being a third-generation family of contractors, serving the Denver area since 1978. Our commitment to quality and excellence has been the cornerstone of our success over the years. Today, we’re here to talk about an essential aspect of property maintenance: French drains.

Understanding the Essence of French Drains

French drains, often overlooked yet incredibly valuable, play a vital role in safeguarding your property. These unassuming drainage systems are a true testament to the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Let’s dive into the purpose and importance of French drains, drawing from our expertise and experience.

The Legacy of Ernie’s Gutter

Before we delve into the details, allow us to share a bit of our family’s legacy. Ernie’s Gutter has been a trusted name in the Denver area for over four decades. We’ve been fortunate to serve the community, addressing everything from gutter installations to roofing needs. Our longevity in the business speaks to the quality of our work and the relationships we’ve built with our customers.

Why French Drains Matter

1. Water Diversion: Protecting Foundations

The primary purpose of French drains is to divert excess water away from your property’s foundation. As contractors, we’ve seen firsthand the damage that water accumulation can cause. Cracks, erosion, and structural issues can wreak havoc on your property and your wallet. A properly installed French drain is your first line of defense against these potential disasters.

2. Flood Prevention: Keeping Basements Dry

Denver weather can be unpredictable, and heavy rainstorms are not uncommon. French drains are your insurance policy against basement flooding. By efficiently capturing and channeling water away from your home, these drains ensure that your basement stays dry and your belongings remain safe.

3. Erosion Control: Protecting Your Landscape

We understand that your property’s beauty is as important as its structural integrity. French drains also play a crucial role in erosion control. They stabilize the soil by removing excess moisture, preventing unsightly and potentially dangerous erosion that could threaten your landscaping.

4. Landscape Preservation: Nurturing Your Greenery

Your garden and greenery deserve the best care. French drains help maintain the health of your plants and trees by preventing soil saturation. Healthy landscaping not only enhances your property’s aesthetics but also adds value to your home.

Installing a French Drain: A Contractor’s Guide

Site Assessment

When planning the installation of a French drain, begin with a thorough site assessment. Identify areas where water tends to accumulate and strategize the drain’s path accordingly. Our family of contractors knows that a well-planned layout is essential for the drain’s effectiveness.

Digging the Trench

With the site assessment completed, it’s time to get your hands dirty, quite literally. Dig a trench along the planned path of the drain, ensuring that it slopes away from your home’s foundation. Proper grading is vital to ensure water flows in the right direction.

Adding Gravel

Now, let’s build a solid foundation. Fill the trench with a layer of gravel or rock. This layer not only provides stability but also facilitates water movement. It’s the groundwork for a robust French drain system.

Installing the Pipe

The heart of the French drain lies in the perforated pipe. Lay it on top of the gravel, ensuring a slight slope that encourages water flow. This is where the magic happens; water enters through the perforations and begins its journey away from your property.

Cover with More Gravel

To ensure the pipe is well-protected and water can flow freely, add another layer of gravel on top. Leave a few inches from the surface to accommodate the final touches.

Finishing Touches

To prevent soil and debris from clogging your system, cover the gravel with geotextile fabric. Then, fill the trench with topsoil, restoring the landscaping to its former glory. With the finishing touches in place, your French drain is ready to do its job effectively.

Maintaining Your French Drain: Tips from the Pros

Even the most well-constructed French drains need a little TLC to remain in top form. Here are some maintenance tips from our experienced contractors:

  • Regular Cleaning: Periodically inspect and clean the drain to prevent clogs caused by debris. A simple cleaning can go a long way in keeping your system running smoothly.

  • Check for Damage: Examine the pipe and the surrounding area for any signs of damage or wear. Promptly addressing issues can save you from costly repairs down the line.

  • Monitor Water Flow: During heavy rainfall, keep an eye on how water flows through the system. Ensure that it’s working correctly and diverting water away as intended.

  • Professional Inspections: Consider scheduling professional inspections. Our family of contractors is well-equipped to identify and address any potential problems before they escalate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How deep should a French drain be?

A properly installed French drain should be at least 2 feet deep to effectively divert water away from your foundation.

2. Can I install a French drain myself?

While it’s possible to install a French drain as a DIY project, we recommend consulting professionals, like Ernie’s Gutter, to ensure proper installation and avoid costly mistakes.

3. Do French drains require maintenance?

Yes, regular maintenance is crucial to keep your French drain functioning optimally. Cleaning and inspections are key to preventing issues.

4. Will a French drain affect my landscaping?

When installed correctly, French drains should not harm your landscaping. In fact, they can help preserve the health of your plants and trees by preventing soil saturation.

5. Are French drains a long-term solution?

Yes, if properly installed and maintained, French drains can provide long-term protection for your property, making them a wise investment.

6. How much does it cost to install a French drain?

The cost of installation varies based on factors such as the size of your property and the complexity of the drainage system. Contact Ernie’s Gutter for a personalized estimate.

7. Can a French drain be installed in an existing landscape?

Yes, French drains can be retrofitted into existing landscapes. Our experienced contractors can assess your property and determine the best approach.


In conclusion, French drains are not just a functional addition to your property; they are a crucial safeguard against potential disasters. Ernie’s Gutter, with decades of experience, is here to emphasize their significance in protecting your home’s foundation, preventing flooding, controlling erosion, and preserving your beautiful landscaping.

As a family of contractors dedicated to quality and excellence, we know that a well-planned and professionally installed French drain can make all the difference. Trust Ernie’s Gutter to ensure your property is equipped with the best defense against excess water. Contact us today at 720 346 ROOF (7773) to discuss your French drain needs. Protecting your property today ensures a legacy of safety and security for generations to come.

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French Drain Installation

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