Rain Gutter Leak Repair

Just one more thing you have to take care of a leak around your house.  Another new thing on that list the old honey-do list.

Now we have located a leak and it’s in a corner or a seam.  You might ask why in the corners?  This simple explanation is that gutter material is either made out of aluminum or steel if there seamless.  They expand a contract in the summer or winter which in this case the most common place for a rain Rain Gutter Leak Repair will leak is that its the weakest point at the corners.

This is an easy fix list of things you need:

  1. A clean rag or paper towels
  2. Scouring pad or green plot scrubber
  3. Soap and water dish soap worked just fine
  4. And most of all a metal sealant designed for outside weather

When you locate the seam or corner that you’re about to Rain Gutter Leak Repair you become Dr. Gutter Guy.

  1. In this operation cleaning the surface is the most critical that’s where your soap and water and Scouring pad or green plot scrubber had come into play.  Now cleaned the surface and corner or seam area to get a good and clean use your scouring pad.
  2. Now’s your rag or paper towel drying all surface area, until dry
  3. Read and follow the directions on your sealant tube designed for outside weather.

Most critical is when applying the ceiling to make a figure eight a small fee you’re configuration to break out all air pockets that will develop if not done in a small figure-eight motion.

Apply the sealant to Rain Gutter Leak Repair designed for outside weather on the seam or corner as you are applying the sealant you want to make sure you have one of two seals over the same on both sides of the seam by at least 1/4 and not 1/2 inch wide with a seam in the center.  This will allow the adhesive that will generally shrink when it dries and yet will remain flexible.

I hope this information will come in handy when you  Rain Gutter Leak Repair see a develop a leak in your rain gutter and so confident that you can do it yourself if you choose to.

The have any questions feel free to call our office mention this blog post .

And remember there’s good all around us you just have to look for it.

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